Calculating how many wedding invitations to order

This post gives some hints and tips regarding calculating how many wedding invitations to order. Hopefully it will help you save expense, or having to order extra invites!

Firstly establish how many guests you are able to invite – think in terms of both your budget and the maximum number your venue will allow. Once you know this you can write your guest list.

Once you have your guest list, you can establish how many invitations are needed per set of guests, using the following tips:

  • Couples and families (in the same household) can share an invitation.
  • Consider sending a separate invitation to adult children of families, especially if they don’t live at home or you would like to invite their partner too.
  • Remember to include parents of the bride and groom, bridesmaids, the best man and other helpers. Obviously they have to attend, but they will like an invitation too!

Think carefully before inviting more guests than you have space for. It’s better to plan a second wave of invitations rather than receive 160 yes RSVPs when your venue only allows 150 guests!

Consider ordering a few extra invites, in case guests decline your invitation and you wish to invite others. The Leaf Press has a flexible approach for customers needing to order extra invitations – once customers have met the minimum order of 10 invitations, any number of extra invites can be ordered at a later date – but not all stationers will allow this.

You may wish to order evening invitations after you have received RSVPs from day guests – this way you will know how much space you have left and whether any evening invitation guests are going to be ‘upgraded’ to day guests.

The Leaf Press is very happy to provide advice about calculating how many wedding invitations to order. Please use the Contact page with any questions.

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