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Frequently asked questions

On this page you’ll find a list of frequently asked questions about wedding invitations/stationery, stationery gifts, or ordering from The Leaf Press. Please don’t hesitate to contact The Leaf Press if your query isn’t answered here.

How do you lay out the message on the first page of notebooks and journals? 2015-12-22T11:25:00+00:00

Your message will be centred and the font adjusted so that it fits the page nicely. Assuming it’s a message to someone then different parts of the message will be put on different lines. For example:

Dear Gran

For all your notes!

Love Gemma

If you’d like your message set out a particular way or in a particular font, please contact The Leaf Press when you place your order.

How long will my stationery gift take to arrive? 2016-12-19T16:45:54+00:00

Stationery gifts are usually dispatched 1-3 working days after your order is received. The only exceptions are for large orders (see below), if The Leaf Press is waiting for information from you about personalisation for an item, or any materials are out of stock (this is extremely rare and you will be advised if this is the case). If you need an item urgently please let The Leaf Press know and advice will be given about how quickly it can be made.

For large orders of more than the numbers below, please contact The Leaf Press for a delivery estimate. These orders will not be ready in the usual 1-3 working days limit.

Journals: over 5 items
Notebooks/note cards/calendars: over 25 items
Pictures: over 10 items

Can my stationery gift be sent direct to the recipient? 2015-12-22T11:23:14+00:00

Yes of course! Your stationery gift will already be wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon/twine and if the item is a gift, please let The Leaf Press know and a gift tag with a message of your choice will be added at no extra cost.

I’d like to place a trade order for my business. Is there a discount? 2015-12-22T11:22:21+00:00

Yes – please contact The Leaf Press for details.

I’d like a particular design/product but can’t see it on your website … 2015-12-22T11:21:46+00:00

Please feel free to contact The Leaf Press with details of the item or design you’d like. New designs are always being produced and ideas for these are welcomed.

I need something very quickly – how soon can you send it? 2015-12-22T11:21:11+00:00

Delivery times vary according to the product and number required, but if you let The Leaf Press know that you need an item quickly (preferably before you order!) everything possible will be done to assist you.

How do I pay? 2015-12-22T11:20:14+00:00

Payment can be made online via PayPal or bank transfer. For PayPal you do not need to have a PayPal account and can pay with your Debit/Credit card. If you prefer not to pay online you can pay by cheque, although the cheque will need to clear before your item is sent. Please contact The Leaf Press if you wish to do this.

How much is delivery? 2015-12-22T11:19:27+00:00

The Leaf Press’s delivery charges can be found on the delivery information page.

Are my details secure with you? 2015-12-22T11:18:15+00:00

Yes. All customer information is kept securely and is never passed on to a third party, except your address to Royal Mail/the courier so that your order can be delivered to you.

Do you issue refunds? 2016-12-19T16:45:54+00:00

Non-personalised items can be returned for a refund within 14 days of receipt; please notify The Leaf Press that you wish to do this before sending the item. Personalised items cannot be returned unless there is a fault. Should you have any concerns about your purchase, please contact The Leaf Press to discuss them.

Can I order wedding invitation samples or samples of other wedding stationery items? 2015-12-22T11:17:07+00:00

Yes. Wedding invitation samples and samples of any item other wedding stationery can be ordered from the wedding stationery samples section of the shop.

Is there a minimum order for each wedding stationery item? 2016-12-19T16:45:55+00:00

A minimum order of 10 items applies to the majority of wedding stationery items. Exceptions to this are packs of save the dates and personalised paper chains, wedding signs and seating plans.

Is there a discount for larger orders? 2015-12-22T11:16:36+00:00

If you order 50 or over of the same wedding stationery item e.g. 50 A5 invitations, you will receive a 5% discount. This goes up to 10% for 100 of the same item and 15% for over 150 of the same item. Quantity discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount.

How long will my wedding stationery order take to arrive? 2015-12-22T11:16:25+00:00

The Leaf Press aims to complete all wedding stationery orders within 2 weeks (of the order being placed and the design being signed off by the customer) and will advise you in the unlikely event that it will take longer than this. If you need anything urgently, please let The Leaf Press know and everything will be done to meet your timescales (if possible!).

How long before my wedding should I order my wedding stationery? 2016-12-19T16:45:56+00:00

Wedding invitations should be sent out a minimum of 6 weeks before the wedding, but many couples send them much earlier than this. As your order will take 2 weeks to complete, it’s a good idea to request samples and start thinking about how you’d like your invitations to look about a month before you intend to send your invitations out. Advice about when to send wedding invitations out can be found on the when should I send out wedding invitations blog post.

All other wedding stationery can be ordered nearer the time of your wedding but please allow 2 weeks for your stationery to be made. The Leaf Press recommends that you order everything at least 4 weeks before your wedding date and cannot guarantee acceptance of any orders received less than 2 weeks before your wedding.

Should I order all my wedding stationery together? 2015-12-22T11:16:07+00:00

This is entirely up to you. Some people prefer to order invitations first and then come back for everything else nearer their wedding date while others prefer to get everything sorted in one go. As long as you order each item in good time (see above) please choose whichever option suits you best.

Is The Leaf Press’s wedding stationery suitable for civil ceremonies? 2015-12-22T11:15:53+00:00

Of course!