2018 wedding colour trends

It’s the time of year when many couples are thinking about their 2018 wedding.  Part of the planning involves choosing colours to set the tone on the wedding day – for wedding stationery as well as for decorating the venue, the flowers and bridesmaid dresses.  With this in mind this blog post looks at 2018 wedding colour trends and how these could be used on your wedding stationery.

Pantone Colour of the Year – Ultra Violet

Each year the Pantone Institute announces a colour of the year, which tends to influence design in everything from fashion, to interiors as well as weddings.  The 2018 Pantone Colour of the Year has been announced as Ultra Violet – which Pantone describes as “a dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade” with associations with “originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking”.

2018 wedding colour trends

Purple is already a very popular colour for wedding stationery, so it will be interesting to see how this shade is used on stationery.  Here’s an example of Ultra Violet on the Floral design – in combination with a lighter shade of purple as well as pink.


Black looks set to be a significant colour at 2018 weddings – even as far as black accents on wedding dresses.  The monochromatic look creates a contemporary and striking vibe for a wedding.  Black is also a very practical option if you don’t want to worry about clashing with the venue decor or flowers.  You can consider adding an accent colour – perhaps to match bridesmaid dresses or the flowers.

Here is the Penguin design which is predominantly black and white, with crimson used as an accent colour.


Metallic colours have been popular in recent years, particularly rose gold – probably in large part due to Apple products!  In 2018 other metallic colours – including copper and silver – look set to be fashionable.  Metallic colours combine well with black and white – see above.  They can also be combined with other colours.  A metallic colour will blend well with several pastel colours but is more effectively used with just one bold colour.

These pictures show the Just the Ticket design in combinations using copper and rose gold.

Seasonal colours

As always, choosing colours which align with the season the wedding is taking place in creates a harmonious look.  Here are some ideas for each season:

Winter – cool colours such as silver, blue, lilac and turquoise.  And for a Christmas wedding deep reds, greens and navy.

Spring – fresh colours including spring green, lemon, pink and light blue.

Summer – increase the colour with tones such as yellow, blue, fuchsia, and bright green.

Autumn – think falling leaf colours – red, yellow, orange, pink and green.

Here is the Bunting design in four colour schemes to reflect each season.


Please don’t hesitate to contact The Leaf Press for advice about 2018 wedding colour trends and what colour combinations to use for your wedding.

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