Wedding speech sweepstake cards



Wedding speech sweepstake cards to use as a fun activity at the wedding reception. One card is needed per table and the rest is up to the guests, making these cards an affordable way to keep your guests entertained!

Wedding guests are asked to bet on either the length of all the speeches or the length of the Best Man’s speech. One guest at each table is nominated as timekeeper and records the other guest’s bets. Guests choose the amount of money to bet and the winner takes all – with a sort of optional instruction that they may like to buy a round of drinks with their winnings! There is a humorous set of instructions and a list of forfeits for the losing guest – you can customise the forfeits.

Each of these wedding sweepstake kit cards is A5 size (14.85 x 21 cm) each side when folded. The fold is at the top so that the card can be displayed either standing up or laid flat on the table. The design is printed on to 300 gsm white or ivory card using pigment ink, which should be splash proof.

The design on the wedding speech sweepstake cards is customised with the names of the happy couple and the date of the wedding. There is a colour scheme of choice based on two colours which can be selected from the wedding stationery colour chart.


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