What wedding stationery do I need?

The Leaf Press is frequently asked “what wedding stationery do I need” by couples who have been looking at different websites and noted the huge variety of stationery items available. To this end here is a list of the wedding stationery items that The Leaf Press offers, together with notes about each in order to help you decide what items you need for your wedding.

Save the date

  • Sent to let your guests know that a date has been set for the wedding and to ask them to keep it free.
  • Useful if you want to send invitations close to the wedding date, you are getting married at a popular time of year e.g. a bank holiday, at a popular location or if your guests will need to book accommodation.
  • Available in a variety of formats – The Leaf Press has calendar cards and bookmarks.
  • Can be the first item of stationery to set the tone in terms of your wedding theme, colours etc.
Bird save the date bookmark

Bird save the date bookmark


Invitation and information card

  • Provides full details about your wedding, including the date, time, venue(s) and how you would like guests to RSVP.
  • Available in a variety of formats – The Leaf Press has A5 invites with an RSVP, booklet invites with RSVP page, ticket invites (with perforated RSVP section), pocketfold invites and postcard style invites.
  • Information about the following can be included with the invitation, either on the invitation itself or as an enclosed card/sheet: maps and directions to the venue(s); transport options and parking; accommodation; timings for the day; food (including whether you would like guests to let you know menu options in advance); gifts; other information such as dress codes, song requests or where guests can obtain further information e.g. your wedding website.

bunting wedding invitation and rsvp



Order of service

  • Provides the running order and wording for the ceremony, including readings, hymns (if applicable) and music.
  • Given out as guests arrive for the ceremony.
  • The content will need to be agreed upon with the vicar or registrar.
  • The Leaf Press’s orders of service can be fully customised and so can also include the order for the rest of the day, details of the wedding party, a list of thank yous and/or a message from the happy couple.
Snowflake order of service

Snowflake order of service


Programme/order for the day

  • Useful as a tool for making sure your guests are in the right location at the right time!
  • Can be sent to guests with their invitation or given out on the day.
Travel Ticket wedding programme

Travel Ticket wedding programme


Place card

  • Used on tables at the reception to let guests know where they are sitting.
  • They can be purchased with each guest’s name printed on, or blank for names to be written on. If purchasing with guest names printed it’s a good idea to have a few blank ones too, just in case of last minute changes.
  • The Leaf Press can customise place cards with menu options for an additional charge.
Bunting printed place card

Bunting printed place card


Table plan

  • A picture of the wedding reception layout which is displayed at the entrance to the reception to let guests know where they are sitting.
  • Some table plans have guest names listed on each table, others have a separate alphabetical list of guest names.
  • The Leaf Press’s table plans are designed to order to match other wedding stationery and colours.



Table name/number

  • Used on each table as a sign-posting device. Some couples have a number for each table and other couples give each table a name, Names are usually based on a theme personal to the couple and so can be just about anything – The Leaf Press has printed table names themed to favourite beaches, characters from the Simpsons and Millwall footballers!
  • The design can also include a list of people sitting at the table, which is ideal if you don’t mind where guests sit at the table and means place cards are not needed.
Just the Ticket wedding table name

Just the Ticket wedding table name



  • Displayed on the table and often used when guests have not been asked to choose menu options prior to the meal.
  • The Leaf Press’s can provide menus in a variety of formats, including an A5 stand up menu, a smaller menu for each guest or a customised place card.
Bird wedding menu

Bird wedding menu


Guest book

  • Used for guests to leave a message which serves as a reminder of who was part of your special day.
  • Guest books are available in a variety of formats. The Leaf Press offers a traditional guest book which guests add a message to, or a wedding guest book picture where each guest adds their name to a sticker which is assembled to create a picture.


Thank you card

  • Sent to thank guests for their attendance at your wedding and/or their wedding gift or to those involved with the organisation of your wedding.
  • Many couples like to include a wedding photo, either as part of the design or as an enclosure.
  • Writing the message inside is more personal but The Leaf Press offers the option to have a pre-printed message inside.
Beach Hut thank you card

Beach Hut thank you card


I hope this list is helpful but am happy to offer further advice – please email suzy@theleafpress.co.uk if you have any questions about wedding stationery.

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