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Ticket invitation wallet colours

The Leaf Press’s ticket wedding invitations are presented in a card wallet, which also contains a C7 size envelope for the RSVP. Ticket wedding invitations are available in the following designs:

Each ticket wedding invitation wallet measures 21 cm x approximately 10.2 cm and fits in a DL envelope (supplied with the invitation).  The inside of the wallet can be printed with information for an extra 40p per invite, as an alternative to an extra information card.

As standard, the wallet used for the ticket wedding invitation is white or ivory, to match the card used for the ticket itself.

By using the same colour for both the ticket and wallet, it is possible to ensure that the colours are an identical shade on both. However, customers have the option to choose a different colour for the wallet, at an additional cost of 20p per wallet. Alternative colour card wallets will be made from high quality card which usually weighs between 220 – 300 gsm. They are also available in lighter weight card (160 gsm) which is ideal for invitations which are being sent abroad. If the thickness of the card is important, please notify The Leaf Press of this. Dark coloured wallets (red, bright blue and purple) will require very dark or black text in order for text to show.

For customers that wish to select colours for their invitation design to match one of the ticket wedding invitation wallet colours, the following lists the closest match between the wallet colours options and colour options from the colour chart.

[table colwidth=”30%|70%”] Wallet colour,Colour(s) on colour chart
white,same as card used for invitation
ivory,same as card used for invitation
lemon yellow,lemon
pink,”candy floss, bubblegum or pink”
purple,wisteria or purple
bright blue,cerulean or royal
sky,ice or sky
mint green,celadon
lime green,lime or grape

Please note that colours will display different on different monitors. Please request samples of the colours you are interested in when ordering a sample ticket wedding invitation.