Wedding stationery colour schemes for each design

Colour choices form an important part of wedding planning and wedding stationery colour schemes are an exciting part of choosing wedding stationery.

All wedding designs at The Leaf Press have a colour scheme based on any two colours.  These can be chosen from the wedding stationery colour chart or matched to a colour you already have.  For example, you may have already chosen bridesmaid dresses, particular flowers, or decorations for the reception venue.

Because each wedding design can look quite different according to the colours chosen, these new photos show each design in a range of different colours.

Obviously it isn’t possible to show all colour combinations – so remember, all wedding samples are sent in colours of your choice so you can see how your stationery will look prior to ordering.  If you are unsure about a particular colour, swatches can be prepared to show variations of that colour – ideal if you’re colour matching to something specific.

Please ask or use the Contact form if you require any advice about wedding stationery colour schemes.

Please click on this link to view wedding designs by The Leaf Press.

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