Wedding speeches sweepstake kits

Wedding speeches sweepstake cards are a great way to entertain guests at the wedding reception. And there are now five designs to choose from!

wedding speech sweepstake cards
Wedding speech sweepstake cards in five designs

Each card is double sided and designed to stand in the middle of each wedding table. One side has instructions on how to play the game and a choice of two bets. Guests can bet on the length of the Best Man’s Speech or the length of all the speeches. On the other side is a space for participants to record their guess and forfeit options. All the wording can be customised so you can choose your own bets, prizes and forfeits! (The example forfeits are a bit feeble I will admit!)

Wedding speeches sweepstake cards are available in the Merry Meadow, Circus Festival, Travel Ticket, Rainbow Hearts and Beach Hut designs. The images below show an example from each design but you can choose your own card colour and colour scheme. The design is printed using splash proof pigment ink so a stray drink shouldn’t cause an issue!

Wedding speech sweepstake cards can be purchased in the wedding accessories section of the shop.

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