Wedding rsvp with menu choice cards

If your wedding reception is going to have a formal sit-down dinner, it is very likely that the caterer or venue will want to know your guests’ food preferences well in advance of the day. The Leaf Press is often asked about stationery which can be used to obtain this information.

Quite simply, the wedding RSVP which comes with The Leaf Press’s A5 wedding invitations can be customised (at no extra cost) to include guest menu options, for up to four guests per card. A couple of examples are shown below.

wedding rsvp with menu choice

Owl wedding rsvp with menu choice card

rsvp card with menu options

Dandelion rsvp card with menu options

The wedding RSVP with menu choice card itself has room for the basic details about each menu choice e.g. Roast Chicken; to provide guests with the full information about the dish e.g. Roast Chicken with Roast Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables, it will usually be necessary to have a two-sided RSVP card (£0.30 extra per invite) with the menu printed on the reverse, or a separate information card (£0.60 each) with the menu printed on this.

The Leaf Press’s ticket format wedding invitations and booklet wedding invitations can also be customised to allow guests to provide their wedding menu options.

With the ticket format wedding invitations, the RSVP section can have text added to ask guests to write their menu options on the reverse (an information card with the menu itself would need to be added to each invite).

Booklet wedding invitations can have a wedding menu printed on the reverse of the RSVP page and guests can be directed to write their initials next to their required menu options. An example is shown below:

booklet wedding invitation rsvp with menu options

Bird booklet wedding invitation rsvp and menu pages

If you are providing other means for guests to provide their menu options, the RSVP card can be tailored to reflect this. For example, you may want them to email you with their options or, if you have a wedding website, a form can usually be set up to enable this information to be input.

ticket wedding invitation rsvp with menu information

Just the Ticket rsvp section with menu information

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