Three new notebook designs

The previous blog post talked about The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design course I’ve recently been doing. Some of the patterns I created during this course have been used to create three new notebook designs –Penguins, Heart Flowers and Tools.

Penguins features cartoon style penguins in a variety of poses, each on a little iceberg. Because they live in the North Pole, snow is falling.

personalised penguin notebook

Heart Flowers has a layered design with a variety of shapes based on one hearts shape – the flowers are formed from several hearts. The design has a bright cerise and turquoise colour scheme with a pale blue background. This design will also form the basis of a new wedding stationery range later in the year.

Heart Flowers personalised floral notebook

Finally Tools was created as part of my study on repeat techniques. It has hand-drawn illustrations of different tools and is so ideal for a DIY enthusiast. It would make quite a good gift for Father’s Day which is only just around the corner in the UK.

Tools personalised DIY notebook

I’ve used the Tools design for the cover of a journal for my friend’s husband – who using his DIY skills made me a frame stand to use at wedding fairs. The inside cover has a simplified version of the design – a concept I also learnt on the Surface Pattern Design course.

gerry diy journal

inside cover diy journal

All of The Leaf Press’s personalised notebooks can be viewed on the personalised notebooks page of the shop. They make ideal gifts for teachers and teaching assistants.

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