The Leaf Press studio refurbishment

Earlier this summer The Leaf Press’s studio (also known as a large shed in the garden) underwent a bit of a makeover, so today I thought I’d share a few photos. The aim was to make the studio lighter and to create more storage for the ever increasing ranges of paper, card and envelopes – it had got to the point where the number of boxes piled high was a bit of a health and safety hazard!

Horizontal storage racks for the large sheets of card (complete with geeky dymo labelling).

the leaf press studio paper

Lots of new shelving for boxes of envelopes, paper, finished products and other materials. 

the leaf press studio shelving

Important pictures and other bits. The pictures are of my nephew, Bruges and St Gilgen (favourite places) and beach hut illustrations.

the leaf press studio pictures

Lots of twine and ribbons for gift wrapping

the leaf press studio twines

Some friends and I learnt how to make storage wall hangers (one of our random activities). Mine is being used to keep small tools and stationery items accessible – it’s amazing how much less time I’m spending searching for everything!

the leaf press studio wall hanger

I also re-covered my chair in the same fabric. So far no paint or glue spatters!

the leaf press studio chair

Finally, I went on a stained glass course in the spring and here are two panels made to fit in one of the windows.

the leaf press studio stained glass

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