Never Mind the Weather surface pattern design collection

The Never Mind the Weather collection is a fun take on the British weather. The message is there’s fun to be had, even on days when it’s not the best! The bright colours and bold styling are designed to make people feel energised and happy.

The collection consists of three main patterns with six co-ordinate patterns. The collection has been designed with gift packaging in mind and gift wrap, bag, box, gift tag and sticker examples are shown.

Available for licencing.

Weather themed surface pattern design
Rain or Sun Fun
Never Mind the Weather gift wrap and stickers
Rain or Sun Fun gift wrap and stickers
Parasol Party surface pattern design
Parasol Party
Rain or Sun gift wraping
Parasol Party gift wrap, tag and bag
Umbrellas surface pattern design
Undo the Umbrella
Weather gift tags and umbrella gift boxes
Undo the Umbrella gift tags and boxes

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