Suffolk design notebooks for Suffolk Secrets

Look what has arrived in the post today (actually a courier with several boxes!) – Suffolk design notebooks. These notebooks go in the welcome packs which are given to guests who stay in managed Suffolk Secrets and Southwold Lettings properties.

suffolk secrets notebook front and back feb 15

suffolk secrets notebooks

The Suffolk design features several images relating to Suffolk – Orford Lighthouse, an Aldeburgh fishing boat, Southwold beach huts, a sheep amongst the crops, birds and Woodbridge Tide Mill – arranged in a pattern formation. Also present is the new Suffolk Secrets logo and the other images match the style of the logo’s ‘stamped’ effect. Each notebook is A6 size in size (and so easily fits in a bag or pocket) and contains 100% recycled paper. The paper is unlined and so the notebook is equally suited for use as a holiday diary, to make lists of things to do on holiday or for sketches of Suffolk scenes.

Suffolk Secrets have a range of holiday properties in coastal and countryside¬†locations to suit all budgets and party sizes. The welcome packs also include a packet of Paddy & Scott’s coffee, a jar of Naughty Sheep jam, Cherry Berry fruit bars by Wheaten Mill, tea, sugar, milk and a Suffolk Secrets and Southwold Lettings hessian bag. Properties can be viewed at the Suffolk Secrets and Southwold Lettings websites.

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