RSVP address printing for wedding invitations


  • Have the RSVP name and address printed on each RSVP envelope.
  • This saves you or your guests writing the address on, and means the RSVP address doesn’t need to be printed on the invitation.


RSVP address printing so all your guests need to do is add a stamp!

This upgrade is available for A5 invitations with RSVP and the name and address will be printed directly on to the RSVP envelope. For Booklet wedding invitations or Ticket wedding invitations, the RSVP name and address will be printed on a white label which will be stuck to the envelope.

The name(s) and address that you’d like your guests to RSVP too will be printed in black ink and in a font to match your chosen design. If you’d like some RSVPs to go to an alternative address e.g. day invitation RSVPs to parents and evening invitation RSVPs to you, that’s fine. The Leaf Press will contact you for the address or addresses for your printed RSVP envelopes.

By having the RSVP address printed on the envelope you don’t need to have this information printed on the invitation.

The price is per invitation so please select the same number of RSVP address printing as your invitations. For example, if you order 50 invitations, please select 50 RSVP address printing.


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