Personalised Candy Stripe paper chains – 3 metres


Colours *


Same base colour on all chains or 50% of each colour


Personalised Candy Stripe paper chains which are personalised with a colour scheme and text of your choice. These are ideal for weddings (for decorating the reception venue) or for use at another type of celebration or party.

This pack of Candy Stripe paper chains contains 28 chains, which stretches approximately 3 metres when assembled.

This design is based on 2 colours, which can be selected on the wedding stationery colours page. Alternatively, instead of one colour, white can be chosen for a striking contrast. Each paper chain can have the same text colour or the pack can be split into 50% of each colour. With the text there is the option to have the same text on every paper chain or two different versions of text.

Each wedding paper chain measures 3 cm x 30 cm and has a gum adhesive on the back so no glue is required.


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