Butterflies personalised notebooks


  • A hand-sewn notebook with a butterfly design.
  • Personalised with a title of choice on the cover and message to the recipient on the first page (if required).
  • Contains 24 pages (48 sides) of high quality 100gsm writing paper with a coloured end sheet.
  • Cover design is digitally printed using pigment ink on to 300 gsm Conqueror card with a textured finish.
  • Supplied gift-wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon/twine.

Title for front

Message for first page (optional)


A personalised notebook with a Butterflies design, from The Leaf Press’s range of personalised notebooks. This design features digitally drawn butterflies in different pastel colours on a white background. It would make a lovely gift or present and can be customised to suit a particular occasion.

The notebook measures approximately 10.2 x 15 cm (roughly A6 size) and so easily fits into a handbag or large pocket. The cover design is printed on 300 gsm Conqueror card with a textured surface using pigment ink. This is designed to be splash proof and smudge proof and so enhances the notebook’s durability. The front of the notebook can be personalised with a title of choice e.g. ‘Katie’s Notes’, ‘Katie’s Wedding Plans’ or ‘Katie’s Journal’. Alternatively, the front cover can have just the design with no title.

The notebook contains 24 pages (48 sides) of 100 gsm white Conqueror paper and a coloured end sheet. It is hand sewn using coloured waxed thread to match the design. The first page of the notebook can be personalised with a message, title or other text.

As with all The Leaf Press’s personalised notebooks, the Butterfly notebook is gift wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon or twine.


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