New personalised notebook designs

During lockdown this year I made the most of some extra design time and created some new personalised notebook designs. Some are completely new designs and others are a refresh of existing designs. Here are some pictures of the new designs.


My knitting notebook is one of my most popular notebook designs so it was time for a crochet version. I love crochet so I found creating the motifs easier than for the knitting version!

crochet design notebook

Geo lines

Lots of my notebook designs are a bit feminine so I wanted to created a design to appeal to anyone. Geo lines is the end result and has hand-drawn daubs in a gender neutral colour palette.

personalised notepad geo lines

Portuguese tiles

This design was inspired by a trip to Lisbon a couple of years ago – I loved all the tile designs and Mediterranean inspired colour palettes.

Portuguese tile patterns notebook

Pencils and pens

This design is a replacement for the old pencils design. There are now a variety of hand-drawn writing implements, adorned with patterns and in a bright colour scheme.

pencils design notebook

Paint party

This paint themed design has a super bright colour scheme and is made up of paint daubs which have been scanned and turned into a repeat pattern (which took AGES!).

paint daubs pocket notebook

Refreshes to existing designs

These notebook designs have had a lockdown makeover, with re-drawn images and new colour palettes.

I hope you like these new personalised notebook designs and please let me know if you have an idea for a notebook cover design that I haven’t thought of!

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