Information to give to wedding guests – part 1

The wedding invitation gives wedding guests the most important information about your wedding – when and where it is and the fact they are invited! There are, however, other pieces of information that you you want to pass on to your guests in order to make the day hassle-free and so pleasurable. This guide is split into two parts – ideas for information to give to wedding guests and how to pass this information to them.

Part one: ideas for information to give to wedding guests


Some couple like to give guests a full run-down of what is happening and when on the wedding day in order to ensure guests are in the right place at the right time! Alternatively you can give this information to guests when they arrive on the day, either as a separate order for the day or as part of the order of service.

Arrangements for children

If children are not invited to the wedding, you need to state this clearly. Even if childrens’ names are not on the invitation, some guests will still assume they are invited.

If children are welcome at your wedding and you have particular activities planned for them, mentioning this will help parents plan what to bring with them in terms of entertainment. Stating the timings for the day can also help parents plan whether to bring children to all or part of the day.


If your venue is accessible by public transport, give guests brief details so they can consider their options. Check whether public transport runs late evening or on a Sunday/Bank Holiday (if applicable) for the next morning.

A list of local taxi numbers is always useful.

If you are planning to provide transport between the ceremony and reception venues or at the end of the day, you may want to ask guests if they are likely to use this, so you know what capacity your transport needs.


For those driving, clear directions to both the ceremony and reception venue will help prevent late arrivals. A clear map is helpful, as are postcodes to use with SatNav. It’s a good idea to research what parking there is likely to be and let guests know about this. If you have time, trial the route between the ceremony and reception venues to check you’re not going to send 50 cars down a single track lane!


Your venue may have accommodation and many couples choose to pre-book a number of rooms for guests. If you have done this, tell your guests how much the rooms are, how they can book them and when they need to book by.

You can also provide a list of local hotels, B&Bs and other accommodation. Try to include a variety of price options and check there is availability before you put them on the list.

rsvp card with menu


Your venue may want to know food options before the day in which case it’s a good idea to send a menu, as well as a means for guests to let you know what their menu options are. You can ask them to email or telephone you with this information, alternatively your wedding stationery provider can usually supply a menu card for guests to send with their RSVP. The Leaf Press is happy to customise the actual RSVP card so that menu options are included.

It’s a good idea to ask your guests about special dietary requirements, e.g. allergies.

About the area

If you think your guests won’t know the place/area where your wedding is taking place, it’s a nice idea to provide them with some information about the area including one or two ideas for things they can do. This is especially applicable if guests are likely to be staying for a couple of days.

Gift information

If you are having a gift list at a store, you’ll need to provide guests with the reference number and how they can access it.

Many couples now ask for money towards something specific or gift vouchers.

Even if you don’t have any set ideas about the type of gift you’d like to receive, it’s a good idea to tell guests this as many will ask.

However and whatever you ask for, make sure you state in some way that your guests’ attendance is more important than whatever gift they bring you.

Dress requirements

Occasionally couples like to make a request about guests’ attire. This can be a dress code such as morning suits for the men, or something a bit more individual – The Leaf Press has recently created stationery for a couple who requested their guests wear blue and silver clothing to match their wedding colours.

You could also consider a list of local hairdressers for female guests that are arriving the day before.

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