Ideas for wedding table names

Wedding table names are a fun alternative to just numbering your tables. Here is a list of ideas for wedding table names that will add a personal touch to your wedding reception.

Wedding tables are given a name or number when you would like guests to sit at a particular table at the wedding reception. They are usually used in conjunction with either a seating plan and/or wedding place cards.

Here are some ideas:

• Countries, cities or other places you have visited as a couple or that are significant for you.
• Locations in a place special to you e.g. tourist attractions in London.
• Walks, mountains or places you visit locally.
• Beaches – popular with customers who have The Leaf Press’s Beach Hut design.

Food and drink
• Favourite meals, desserts, sweets, drinks, cocktails etc.
• Pubs or restaurants you like to visit.

owls themed wedding table numbers
Owl wedding table name

• Films or television shows – or characters, actors, quotes from a particular film or tv show.
• Authors or books – or characters or quotes from a book. You could also use the titles from a series of books (Harry Potter is perfect if you have seven tables!).
• Songs or lines from songs.
• Artists or painting titles.
• Sport related names e.g. footballers from your favourite team or F1 teams.

Some other ideas
• Numbers (simple but effective!).
• Colours.
• Flowers or trees. If you have several types of wedding flowers this is a good place to start.
• Animals (pet names if you have a lot of pets!).
• Dates significant to you as a couple e.g. your first date, the date you got engaged.

Whichever option you choose, another fun idea is to tell your guests why you have chosen these table names. The Leaf Press made table names and a seating plan for P&K and here are some of their table names:

• Almeida Restaurant – where we had our first date.
• Tate Modern – where we had our second date and many more since.
• The Eiffel Tower – where K said “yes”!
• Ludlow – where P first met K’s family.
• Victoria Park – where we’ve shared many picnics.
• Thornbury Castle – where we’re getting hitched.

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