How many wedding invitations do I need?

‘How many wedding invitations do I need’ is a question often asked by customers of The Leaf Press, so today’s blog post contains some hints and tips to help work this out. The quick answer is less than the number of guests you are inviting, because not every guest will need an individual invitation.

Consider the following when deciding how many wedding invitations to order:

  • Establish how many people you are able to invite before writing your guest list. This number is likely to relate to the number of guests your venue can accommodate as well as your budget!
  • Couples and families can share an invitation but consider sending a separate invitation to adult children of families, especially if they don’t live at home or you would like to invite their partner too.
  • Remember to include parents of the bride and groom, bridesmaids, the best man and other helpers.
  • Invitations for singles may include a guest.

It’s a good idea to include a few spare invitations:

  • To send at a later date to anyone you’ve forgotten.
  • To replace lost invitations.
  • In case you want to invite other people should you receive a few ‘not able to attend’ responses.
  • To keep as keepsakes.

The Leaf Press does have a flexible approach for customers needing to order extra invitations – once customers have met the minimum order of 10 invitations, any number of extra invites can be ordered at a later date.

Some wedding experts will come up with a percentage to enable you to work how many invitations to order e.g.60% of your guest list number. The Leaf Press advises against this as it can be difficult to quantify what proportion of the guest list will be made up of couples, singles, families, etc. It’s also very tricky to estimate how many guests will decline your invitation. To this end, think carefully before inviting more guests than you have space for. It’s better to plan a second wave of invitations rather than receive 210 yes RSVPs when your venue only allows 200 guests.

The Leaf Press is very happy to provide individual advice about wedding invitations. Please use the Contact page with any questions.

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