How a design is created at The Leaf Press

Every design The Leaf Press sells has been created in-house so I thought it would be good to have a behind-the-scenes look at how this happens.  This post describes how the Princess design notebook was created.  This is the newest notebook design, which is already proving popular with little girls.

princess design notebook for little girl

The princess design started off as a collection of hand-drawn images.  Ideas are brainstormed and then sketched out, often with more than one version of the same image  Images that I think will work are outlined with a Sharpie, ready for scanning.

princess notebook drawings

The images are scanned and ‘tidied up’ in Photoshop.

princess notebook photoshop editing

The edited images are loaded into Illustrator and traced (that’s a VERY clever Illustrator feature).  The lines (white) and inside the lines (pink) become separated, so they’re both individual objects.

princess notebook illustrator trace

After adding some colour (which gets tweaked about a billion times once the design is finished) each image can now be moved about and arranged in a manner that means a repeat pattern can be created.

princess notebook illustrator pattern

A background pattern adds some texture and interest and this simple one was created using the dandelion element.

princess notebook background pattern

Finally, with the addition of a title, the notebook is finished!

Hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes post!  And here’s the Princess notebook listing in the shop.

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