Homemade wedding favour boxes to make

This week’s blog post is activity based! A template for homemade wedding favours boxes along with instructions on how to assemble them. These boxes could also be used as an activity to do with children over the Easter holidays (perhaps to store mini easter eggs in?) or as little gift boxes e.g. for jewellery or sweets. They are so simple to make and look a bit different to usual homemade wedding favour boxes.

You will need:

  • A piece of A4 card.
  • A printer.
  • Scissors or preferably a craft knife.
  • PVA glue. Double sided tape will also work but may not be as strong.
  • A piece of ribbon (optional).
  • Something to decorate your box with (also optional).

To start, you will need to print this template on to A4 card – preferably 200-250 gsm card – but check what thickness your printer will take. A4 card can be purchased online or in high street shops such as WHSmith, Rymans or The Works. The lines are deliberately faint so that they don’t show too much on the inside of your box, but note where there are two slightly different colour lines on the bottom 2 triangles  (in step 2 you need to cut slits where these lines are).

triangle box template

Then follow these instructions:

Cut around the edge of the template using scissors or a craft knife.

favours box cut out

Cut two slits (marked on the template with slightly thicker lines).

favours box slits

Score the rest of the lines using a blunt knife e.g. a butter knife, a nail file or a pair of scissors.

favours box score

Fold a piece of ribbon in half and tie a knot in the end. The ribbon can be any length you like and if you don’t want to hang up your favours boxes you can miss this step out!

favours box ribbon


Using the following picture as a guide, lay the ribbon on the box so that the knot is inside the box, add PVA glue to the tab on the left and attach it to the bottom of the triangle on the right.

favours box glue

Once the glue has dried insert the small triangular tabs in the slits you made in order to close the box.

favours box assemble

To finish your box off, add something to decorate it. I’ve used a mini favours tag in The Leaf Press’s Beach Hut wedding design. You can also add a bit of tissue paper to the inside if you need to disguise any marks or glue!

favours box finished

I’d love to see pictures of any boxes you make.

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