Free isolation activities

Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to be creating some free creative activities to help keep everyone busy while we’re in isolation because of corona virus.

They will be added to this post so please check back as there will be at least a couple of new activities per week.

VE Day poster to colour in

It’s the 75th anniversary of VE Day on Friday 8th May 2020. Here’s a poster to colour in and display for the celebrations. There are jpeg and PDF versions.

ve day poster to colour in

Colour by number flags

On this sheet are 18 flags from European countries. Colour each flag using the code provided and then work out which country is which.

colour by number flags

UK cities word search

Can you spot the 30 UK cities in this word search?!

uk cities word search

Download a PDF version below:

Rainbow colouring in sheet

As a show of solidarity, households are colouring in a rainbow and putting it in their window. If you don’t fancy drawing a rainbow from scratch, here’s a template you can either trace or draw on.

PDF file to download:

Ice cream flavours word search

Here’s a word search with 25 different ice cream flavours to spot. There’s a black and white and colour version – the colour version is trickier! Choose from jpeg – which can be downloaded and loaded on to a tablet screen – or a printable PDF.

ice cream word search colour
ice cream wordsearch black and white

Thank you NHS poster

A ‘thank you NHS’ picture to colour in. There are two versions – a poster to display in a window and a greetings card that you can give to someone you know working hard for the NHS.

thank you nhs poster

Easter bunny gift box

An Easter bunny gift box which is 6 cm cubed, so large enough for a creme egg sized egg or a selection of sweets/chocolates. Choose from a grey or lilac version that you just need to cut out and assemble, or a version that you can colour in too.

easter box template

To assemble:

  • Cut out around the edge.
  • Score or fold on the dashed lines.
  • Apply glue or sellotape on the tabs.
  • To line the inside I have used coloured paper which I’ve put through a shredder. You could also use a little cotton wool or some fabric.
  • If you’re very crafty you may have a pom pom to put on the back as the tail.

Easter chocolate sleeve

It’s a bit tricky to send Easter eggs in the post during lockdown, so why not send a chocolate bar instead which will fit in a postbox. Here’s a sleeve to decorate, or a sleeve already decorated for you.

easter sleeve to decorate

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