Choosing wedding colours for wedding stationery

Choosing wedding colours that can be used on your wedding stationery is fun, but sometimes more tricky than couples expect! Save the dates and wedding invitations are often the first items connected with your wedding that your guests will see, so it’s nice to be able to set the tone for your day by them matching the colour scheme you intend to have.

This guide is in two parts:
(1) choosing wedding colours
(2) choosing colour combinations

Choosing wedding colours

Often, although not always, wedding stationery matches the ‘wedding colours’ – the colour scheme for the whole wedding. This is often based on one or more of the following factors:

Favourite colours – If you love the colour green, why not make it part of your special day!

green room

The season – Certain colours are associated with certain seasons. There is more on this below.

summer 2

Colours used at the venue – If the ceremony or reception is in a room which is decorated in strong colours, you may want to consider your colour scheme complementing these colours in order to avoid a clash. Consider also the type of decor – if your venue is decorated in very muted and traditional colours, perhaps fluorescent pink table decorations and stationery aren’t the way to go.

blue wedding venue
Bridesmaid dresses (and/or gents wear) – If you’ve found your bridesmaid dresses, this will have given you at least one wedding colour.

bridesmaid dresses
Flowers – again, if flowers have been selected and are only available in one colour e.g. sunflowers, this will form one of your wedding colours.

wedding bouquet

The seasons

Certain colours are associated with certain seasons, so your wedding colours can reflect the season you’re getting married in.

Spring – associated with growth and renewal – natural colours like pink, peach, lilac/purple, green and light blue.

Summer – blue skies and hot sun – bright colours or those associated with nature including green, yellow, blue, purple.

Autumn – falling leaves and harvest – warm earthy colours such as green, red, brown, yellow, orange.

Winter – dark nights and snow – cool colours like navy, white, tiffany blue, grey and dark red. However, for pre-Christmas weddings, traditional Christmas colours like red, green or gold work well.

Part two of the guide (coming soon!) will look at colour combinations for wedding stationery.

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