April 2015 holidays

Over the April 2015 holidays/Easter break I’ve had various days off. Thank you to the customers who saw the notice on the website and said in emails I shouldn’t reply until my break was finished! As a result of visiting various tourist attractions and spending time with my little nephew there hasn’t been time to write a regular blog post, so thought this week I’d share a few photos.

Easter Sunday on the river at Isleham in Cambridgeshire

april 2015 river at isleham

Crochet Easter bunnies (sorry to everyone that got these instead of a proper Easter egg!)

april 2015 crochet rabbits

Punting in springtime Cambridge

april 2015 cambridge

Visiting the animals at Banham Zoo

april 2015 giraffe at banham zoo

Quite a fun train at Wroxham Barns

april 2015 wroxham barns train

Perfecting driving skills (note serious driving expression) at Joyland in Great Yarmouth. It did take quite a while for me to fit in that bus.

april 2015 joyland bus

Despite my best efforts to train my nephew as a The Leaf Press apprentice he’s not quite there yet, so it’s back to work on wedding stationery now …

april 2015 work experience


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